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Jan Lukacs

CEO & Founder @Paymo

Jan Lukacs is the co-founder and CEO of Paymo, an entrepreneur, and a web technology enthusiast. Having started his first business right after graduation, over the years he was involved in five online businesses (both local and global) spanning from web development agencies, online real-estate, consulting businesses to web-based productivity tools.

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  • #business development
  • #entrepreneurship

Alin Merches

Co-Founder & CEO at Mobiversal

Alin Merches is the co-founder and CEO of Mobiversal, a serial entrepreneur and a passionate to serve people and companies in this role, trying to lead them to being very influential in changing people lives for the better. In over 20 years of entrepreneurship he tried to leave a serious mark wherever he was involved, with interest in digitizing processes, increase productivity in companies and helping people become financially independent.

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  • #business development
  • #entrepreneurship
  • #product building

Vlad Sarca

Serial entrepreneur and investor

Vlad Sarca is a serial entrepreneur and investor with more than 15 years of experience, looking to invest in startups and support them conquer new markets, by connecting them to a worldwide network.

  • #recruiting
  • #business strategy
  • #team management
  • #startups
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Monica Obogeanu

Startup Programs Manager at Orange

Monica Obogeanu is the Startup Programs Manager for Orange Romania with more than 10 years’ experience in the tech startups ecosystem. With a passion for building products, she worked in startups in roles like software tester of product manager and has lead multiple startup support programs, now facilitating Orange’s relationship with innovative startups, through the Orange Fab accelerator, and with the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem, through initiatives like Orange Fab Hub Pass.

  • #product management
  • #team alignment
  • #business development

Daniel Andor

Founder & Lead Product Designer at Durran

Daniel Andor is the founder and Lead Product Designer of Durran, a digital product design agency. He specialized in helping startups validate their ideas in just a few days, solve complex business challenges, and design outstanding digital products faster by running Design Sprint workshops. Wanting to help, he gives back by coaching junior designers and gathering a local community where designers can learn and grow together.

  • #UX
  • #UI
  • #user experience design
  • #design sprint
  • #workshops

Andrei Negrau

Founder & CEO at Cartloop

Andrei Negrau is the founder and CEO of Cartloop. Andrei has almost a decade of building online business. Starting with building local online stores, Andrei went on building a global eCommerce brand with customers in over 100 countries. After his brand being acquired in 2018, he co-founded Cartloop with the mission of helping online brands drive more sales while building a delightful customer experience.

  • #product management
  • #growth marketing
  • #e-commerce
  • #entrepreneurship
  • #conversational commerce

Cristian Tamas

Co-founder & CMO at TypingDNA

Cristian Tamas is Co-founder and CMO at Typing DNA, on a mission to make online authentication effortless with typing based biometrics. Owning the titles of: Techstars alumni (NYC’18) | EUTOP50 (Entrepreneur driving the future) | Forbes 30U30

  • #online advertising
  • #google analytics
  • #teamwork
  • #social media
  • #marketing strategy

Lisa Popovici

Co-founder & COO at Cartloop

Lisa Popovici is the Co-founder and COO of Cartloop, starting her first Women’s Activewear DTC Brand to support herself while studying General Medicine. After the first acquisition, she kept building and co-managing various fashion DTC brands, specializing in eCommerce and Digital Marketing. She is now on a mission to driving growth for brands and building long-lasting consumer-brand relationships through conversational mobile messaging at Cartloop.

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  • #customer service
  • #strategic planning
  • #e-commerce
  • #product management

Gabriel Ciordas

Founder Bannersnack | Flipsnack | ReWine | SVGator

Gabriel Ciordas is the founder of Bannersnack | Flipsnack | ReWine | SVGator, passionate about building companies that innovate the industry. Running several 8-figure businesses taught him that hard work and passionate people are the foundation of achieving success.

  • #entrepreneurship
  • #startups
  • #business development

Roland Szabo

Machine Learning Consultant

Roland Szabo is a Machine Learning Consultant for small and medium businesses. He helps companies develop their artificial intelligence strategy and decide if machine learning is the right solution for a problem they have. Appraisal of the cost, duration and feasibility of machine learning and artificial intelligence projects is another part of his capabilities and he also provides machine learning training for teams interested in either starting their ML journey or in leveling up their ML skills.

  • #machinelearning
  • #nlp
  • #computer vision
  • #python
  • #rust

Cristian Patachia

Development & Innovation Manager at Orange Romania

Cristian Patachia is Development and Innovation Manager for Orange Romania, with more than 20 years’ experience in the telecom industry, with expertise in a broad range of technologies, product development and innovation management. At the moment he is the Development and Innovation team manager in the Engineering department, coordinating multiple research projects in various fields such as: 5G & networks of the future, cyber security, smart cities, APIs exposure and monetizing, cloud technologies & IoT/M2M.