Bright Nights Series

discover bright startup ideas 💡


Bright Nights event series was designed to spark your ideas, give you the motivation to START and build a local community of startup enthusiast.

There will be a couple bright nights events targeting different audiences and topics. Here are the first we plan to hold in the coming weeks:👇

events list

✔ December 4th – [Virtual] Bright Night #1 – Students 
✔ December 15th – [Virtual] Bright Night #3 by Oradea Tech Hub – Tech professionals 
✔ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #2 – Teens
✔ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #4 – Med students & practitioners
✔ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #5 – Industry
✔ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #6 – Academics & Researchers
✔ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #7 – Creatives (photographers, videographers, designers, etc.)
✔ TBD – [Virtual] Bright Night #8 by Oradea Tech Hub (Part 2) – Tech professionals

next event

Join us on February 5th for an idea pitching event dedicated to creatives: designers, marketers, photographers, videographers, artists, etc.

Bring your most creative idea and join the competition!

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