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Bright Labs Incubator✨ is an educational & entrepreneurial programme designed to nourish, discover, select and boost new innovative startups in the local ecosystem.

The incubator programme will consist of multiple events & initiatives and will run each year for a period of approximately 9 months.

💰 The teams that will graduate the programme are elligible for a funding up to €50k.

incubator stages

The incubation programme is designed as a selection funnel.
Bright Nights are available for any team/individual.
🔒 Only the selected teams from previous events will participate in the Boost Day Event & Bright Labs Incubator Demo Night.
💰 The teams selected on the Demo Night will receive a prize in money and will be selected for the incubation programme. Also, the teams graduating from the incubation programme & reaching the market fit stage with their product/s are eligible for a funding up to €50k.

💡 preselection

🔒 Boost Day


🔒💰 Demo Day

🐣 incubation

🔒 Startup Camp


🔒 Mentoring &


🔒 Boost Days

🤝 post-incubation

🔒 Bright Labs
Awards Gala


🔒 Assistance &

2021 Incubator

February ‘21 – September ‘21

Startup Talks

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Startup Talks is dedicated to startup enthusiasts and early-stage startups that look for guidance and inspiration in building a startup.
Bring your most creative idea and join the competition!

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January ‘21

✨ Cooking great events

February ‘21

✨ Cooking great events

April ‘21

🎤🎁 April 17th/24th – Bright Labs Demo Day – may the best startups win ( 💰 up to €5k/startup & 🚪access to the incubation stage)

May-August ‘21

🎪  TBD – Startup Camp Oradea – 🔒 Incubated startups only access

💪 On-demand custom tailored mentoring sessions & trainings

🔥  Boost Days

September ‘21

🏆💰 September 23/24 – Bright Labs Incubator Awards Gala – a seed investment up to €50k for each startup graduating the incubation